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About Us

Portrait Sondermann Numismatics has been founded 2006 by Sebastian Sondermann. Our main focus is on Internet Commerce. We run Online-Shops on VCoins and MA Shops. The Info-Page has also been created by Sondermann Numismatics.

All items are guaranted to be genuine and as described. We try not to offer any tooled and reengraved coins.

Numismatic research is also important for us. Numerous articles have been written by Sebastian Sondermann for numismatic journals, mainly about Gallic Empire coinage. His first Monograph „Neue Aurei, Quinare und Abschläge der gallischen Kaiser von Postumus bis Tetricus“ has been published 2010.

Our Memberships in Numismatic Societies:

- Deutsche Numismatische Gesellschaft
- Gesellschaft für Internationale Geldgeschichte
- Royal Numismatic Society
- Cercle d’études Numismatiques
- Société d‘études numismatiques et Archéologiques

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